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February 12, 2019
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February 12, 2019

Being a hard core Akshay fan and of late his wife’s fan too, somehow just wanted to watch this much publicised ‘issue’ based movie, Padman. With my 3 year old daughter, multiplex visits are minimal now but very much wanted even her to watch this ‘women’ centric film. Somewhere something was striking very hard. Just out of a fancy Gurgaon based multiplex, me, hubby and our daughter are super enthralled. Yes, the movie turned out to be just awesome and this was for the first time the active toddler decided to sit back and watch the entire show. Wow!

So for me the movie was no less than wow. We have the superhero, Akshay Kumar, just drowning himself completely in this superhero role. What if somebody creates a machine and a pad churns out of it at Rs 2. Big deal! Yes it is a big deal for those who still can’t utter this very basic female physiological phenomenon. Perhaps it is unimaginable for an urban metropolitan audience to comprehend the kind of embarrasment, physical discomfort and superstition a rural woman goes through every month due to non-availability of economical options.

Who can be more loving than a husband who not only understands his newly wedded wife’s plight but also leaves no stone unturned to provide her the appropriate solution. Akshay completely charms here as the most caring hubby who is ready to go to any lengths for his love. Yes that’s what love is to be able to do the unknown and face the unknown for the sake of the person we love…

Akshay completely mesmerises in this very sensitive yet heroic portrayal. Whether it is his subdued tone or later shining with his wits yet the powerful portrayal of a man on a mission. Love conquers and so does he! What a beautiful love story this is where the most basic need of a woman is made fulfilled by her man. The ladies are too impressive. Radhika Apte as the rural belle makes just the right impact…fragile and the dutiful newly wedded wife that she is. Sonam Kapoor in small yet very power packed urbane girl who infuses more life into an already emotional saga…

Could there have been a better Valentine watch..nope! this was the very passionate no glamour love story what I was precisely looking for. Real love stories are lived every day and real innovations arise out of need and crisis that so many of us face. A priviledged school may not be teaching the kids to what a life situation can. And love is certainly to be experienced in hardest of times rather than in all the mush and pizzazz that we make it to be…


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