Please Stop Throwing your Waste Around!

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February 12, 2019
Talking More, Saying Less
February 12, 2019

It’s kind of most refreshing and rejuvenating watching the orange Sun sprouting from behind the high rises from my balcony, that moment is filled with solitude and hope that its yet another day to chase and live dreams. However, the other day, a sudden thud from the neighbouring balcony broke that moment of meditation. One of the neighbours was mercilessly throwing his garbage onto the vacant plot!

Most of us have encountered this scenario at least once or even multiple times. A few of the enlightened souls do raise their voice before giving up since those who just like to throw their waste around, are much more determined not to listen and to chase their dream of cleaning their house without even bothering for a moment that their ignorant act actually calls for a much bigger and massive campaign like Swatchta Abhiyan!

It’s quite evident that education doesn’t make us aware. We still depend on agencies to be responsible for the cleanliness of our surroundings. Yes its their job but then its our job too. We always cite examples of a Singapore or a Dubai being spotlessly clean. Let’s look a little closer..

A very interesting example is the village of Mawlynong in Meghalaya. It’s the 500 odd residents of this place who have kept it spotlessly clean. Every morning a group of women start cleaning the walkways and common areas. On saturdays, the entire village comes together to clean the lanes. This little village is now known as ‘God’s own Garden’ and this has been made possible by its people only!

There are other examples too. Plenty of awareness is there but the motivation to keep the surroundings clean and an indifferent attitude are the real dampeners. Agencies might work under some campaign or the other to clean but unless the neighbouring Uncle stops throwing garbage from his balcony, its almost impossible to truly keep our Bharat Swatch!!


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