Embrace Self-Love in Your Fifties with FREE FIFTIES

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July 31, 2023

Anu Malik Garg, a mental health advocate, releases her first non-fiction book, ‘FREE FIFTIES’. The book reflects the journey of self-healing, self-reflection and self-love for women who have surpassed their threshold of fifty years and are at a crossroad looking for a renewed sense of purpose.

FREE FIFTIES is a wonderful collection of poems, prose, and guided exercises to help readers embark on a deeper journey of healing and empowerment. It inspires the readers to take a pause, reflect, prioritize their happiness, and live the life they want. Anu Garg has made splendid efforts to collate her experiences in this maiden book – FREE FIFTIES.

Through her book she gives a strong message to embrace self-love. At its core, self-love is about accepting yourself, fully and unconditionally, your limitations, your strengths, who you are and how you have evolved so far. “If you want to receive love and respect from others, you need to love and respect yourself as self-worth is the foundation of self-love. And for that you need to fully accept yourself without judgements.” says Anu.

FREE FIFTIES is designed like a self-help book. Every poem is like a prompt and has a guided exercise along with it that takes the reader through a journey of self-exploration to think, introspect. She has subtly introduced elements like self-worth, self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-care in her book to make the reader aware of this hidden need.

Anu gives a totally new perspective to all the women out there asking them to love themselves, to become your own best friend. Encourages them to get to know themselves – their needs & happiness. Through guided exercises the readers rediscover their hidden strengths, their passions and their purpose of life. She asks them to embrace the fifties with a lot of self-love. To live the life now the way they want, freeing themselves of all the past baggage, their inhibitions, self-doubt and whatever that’s holding them back. Create a new bucket list and live everyday like its your last.

This self-help book is a great read as it’s not just the authors journey, but it becomes every reader’s personal journey. It’s a great reminder to everyone out there that you do not need anyone else to love you. You can love yourself totally, completely, wholeheartedly. Anu’s simple message and relatable poems are hard hitting, and the curated exercises force you to think. By the end of the book, unknowingly you get a new direction and a clear path to your happiness. And that’s what’s magical about this book.

FREE FIFTIES promises to guide readers on a transformative journey to prioritize your happiness, cultivate self-compassion. Take a healing journey through your past and move on with positivity. To put yourself, your goals, and your happiness first, discover methods to cultivate and support your mental health to welcome your fifties with confidence, joy, and love. The book is now available for purchase on Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart.

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