Sanskriti Museums – An Amalgamation of Art and Tranquility

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February 12, 2019
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February 12, 2019

The mystical range of Aravalis has ancient significance. The very cosmopolitan Gurgaon has risen up on this shrubby plateau. Within the last few years, the glass and steel facade has metamorphosed this barren land into a hub of frantic business activity. However, there is a green patch nestled in Anandgram which is dedicated to our ancient art of pottery as well as other beautiful forms of Indian art and culture, popularly known as Sanskriti museums, this space is like a breath of fresh air just next to the choking and superficial aura of Gurgaon.

Although trying to visit this less talked about museum since long, its my preschool daughter who finally acts as the impetus for our visit to this land of serenity and creativity. She shows some keen interest in the marvelllous collection of pottery brought forth from our diverse and culturally rich states like Orissa, Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chattisgarh and more. The mud structrures strike a chord of enchantment with their sheer beauty and detailing. It becomes evident how our art emulated our everyday life and beautifully inculcates those elements.

There are three museums: Museum of Indian Terracotta, Museum of Everyday Art of India, and Museum of Indian textiles. Not only of immense interest to scholars and researchers, this wonderland could be of immense interest to growing children who are learning our art and culture through their textbooks or just any enlightened soul who wants to experience our rich heritage in the most tranquil environs.

My daughter is extremely excited to look at her favourite creatures and commodities like a pestle and mortar or an elephant or an ornate temple housed together.

The entire space exudes warmth and tranquility and then the open air amphitheatre with garden flanking it is a treat to the tired eyes marred by pollution and dust of Gurgaon!

This place is also open to artists and scholars from across the world to pursue their passion. There are various workshops being organised at regular intervals. Do visit this amazing green oasis for the sheer glimpse of our culture and a quick respite from the adjacent urban jungles. Soak in the art and aura here to rejuvenate the child within you!


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