The startup Queen whips the secret ingredients – hardwork and a never say die spirit!

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Urmila Ben Asher or Gujju Ben is a force to reckon with, marching ahead with just the right focus and uncompromising quality

The gliow on her face gives an aura and her toothless grin is most adorable. The 78 year old bursts into peals of laughter often, oozing positivity. Her uncanny ability to learn even at this age and a ‘winning against all odds’ attitude has already established her as a winner. Urmila Ben Asher from Mumbai stands tall and upright with a laser sharp focus on the goals she has set out – to help out and to live each moment constructively.

Gujju Ben na Nashta is her startup and already creating just the right noise.  Even the iconic celebrity chefs at Masterchef India have already appreciated Ba’s exraordinary culinary skills. What needs even more applause is her indomitable spirit. Having suffered losses of all magnitude including her children, husband’s job, and most recently her grandson suffering a debilitating accident shattering his confidence, Ba stood like an iron pillar and started rolling out her signature Gujrati savouries.

‘A crisis can be a perfect opportunity’ was embodied by Urmila Ben when many others from her neighborhood joined her in this startup venture, during the pandemic We still have kindness alive and a neighbour even let out his vacant flat to make Ba pursue her mammoth efforts of supporting his grandson and even many others.

They are now proud owners of a shop in Khetwadi Mumbai. You get the typical khakras but in unique flavours like schezwan and pani puri, beetroot nachos and pickles to die for., along with many other snacks. Ba’s hands have magic and her mind is agile to put the magic into action. What drives this is her beautiful heart, pure and full of gratitude to let the flow of life go forward as each moment counts when it is filled with creativity and a will to give it the best.

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