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While we make sure to adopt sustainability in our every day life, ever thought mattresses could be sustainable too. Listing few sustainable Mattress Brands on World Environment Day

The market’s new normal is environmental sustainability. What does it actually mean, though?

It refers to the maintenance of our environment by reusing. World Environment Day is observed annually on June 5 and focuses on how we can effectively manage resources to guarantee the wellbeing and prosperity of the planet and all of its inhabitants. WED provides a platform for brands to unite and assume accountability for the wellbeing of their surroundings.

One method to promote health and protect the environment is to spend money on sustainable and organic items. Sustainable goods are good for both human health and the promotion and maintenance of the planet’s long-term ecological balance. Thus, some mattress manufacturers that market eco-friendly goods are

Natura Latex Mattress by Centuary Mattress

As the name suggests, this all-natural mattress is made from Rubberised Coir and Latex. Even the mattress cover is made from skin-friendly organic cotton fabric. This semi-firm mattress is powered by Copper gel for enhanced comfort and an additional layer of rebonded foam for firmness. This great combination of layers provides great body support and a luxurious feel. Natura Latex Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.


Prepared using organic materials, this Indian mattress is best for alleviating back pain. The Dreamzee Latex mattress is made up of natural latex and is a safe and hygienic choice for sleeping. Being naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and germs, it lasts longer and can relieve pressure points. The use of Pin-core structure and Dunlop method keeps the temperature of the mattress under control. It has been certified from ISO and ECO INSTITUT.

Kurl-on Mattress

An epitome of technical advancement, this rubbery coir mattress is prepared using natural components, resulting in an unrivaled night’s sleep. The use of MSI technology (disturbance on one side has no effect on the person sleeping on the other side) and Zero Pressure innovation are the two technologies used in the mattresses (providing optimum support to the lower back makes Kurl-on as an epitome of technical advancement. These mattresses are highly suggested for kids and the poly cot tapestry on the mattresses is quite attractive.

RestolexGreensleep Organic Mattress

Coir & natural latex are used to make these mattresses. This mattress provides better ventilation and is hypoallergenic and prevents dust mites and other allergies from accumulating. It claims to use 100% natural latex without resorting to artificial fillers. In addition to this the use of PU foam provides excellent comfort and keeps the mattress cool.

Aloha Sleep Mattress

Unlike traditional mattresses Aloha uses organic materials to manufacture its mattresses. Mattresses coming from the house of Aloha are sustainable and eco-friendly. The main components used to manufacture these mattresses are of good quality which makes it last longer. The concentrations in each foam layer are solid and robust. Thanks to the fabrics and constructions soothing properties. It gives you a relaxing sleep.

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