Dads are special and the bond has become dearer in this Pandemic

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June 17, 2021
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They are professionals and talking here about their amazing relationship with their fathers or as fathers taking care of kids during these crisis times

Mounika Brahamanapally, Senior Process Associate , CDK Global

A Father will be a Hero to every daughter in the world.

He is not only my hero but also a world for me. He used to support me all the time and encourages me in all the situation.

I want to share a few moments about my father , when I was at the age of 8 years , I used to go for dance classes everyday in the evenings, which will be more than 15 kms away from where I stay, on a bicycle

Like a friend he used to be with me and helped me in getting perfection…

He make sure to spend a quality time with the family in any sort of situations , he never let me go weak and always made sure to there for me.

In my childhood he used to be my mother to take care of me starting from the time of taking me to the school and playing along with me in the evening.

Because of his support and encouragement I have participated in many events ( Dance baby Dance and Ganesh chaturthi events ,etc ). I this pandemic time we spent a lot of time with my father together , everyday we used to play games in the evening times and also he makes delicious dishes every week. Utilizing this Platform to Express my love towards my father which is immense…:

Narane Gundabathula, Head , Talent Acquisition & Analytics at CDK Global, India

It has just been few weeks that all have suffered and battled with COVID19, despite taking all the precautions we could during the pandemic. We all were in trauma and couldn’t forget the situation of being isolated for few weeks and still manage to overcome the situation with positivity and by the grace of our Almighty.

The COVID pandemic has caused irreparable loss to several families in the world, however my family could battle and come out of it with a lot of effort. My wife and mother had a loss of appetite and mild to moderate symptoms and everyone else at home including my small little kids Nitya (5) & Rufus (3) were down with mild fever and cough. My world came crashing down and I had no idea what to do next. I had spent the past several months taking utmost care and avoiding all risks which could affect me and my family, when it was my kids that were affected I decided to try to do the best for them even if it meant putting myself at risk as a responsible father. Though we have learnt the art of using masks and other protective equipment, to minimize risk of exposure, everyone in the family were tested COVID positive in less than a weeks-time as the virus is unstoppable. Everything seems to be out of control.

 Adversity can bring out courage. I had to take the lead and played several roles to ensure quick recovery of each family member at home, as son to my parents, good husband to wife and more importantly a father of two toddlers. I had to become a nurse, nutritionist, doctor, etc., to everyone at home, even though I had very limited awareness about all these areas, I was able to use my all my learnings of dealing with ambiguity, working in changing situations and managing crisis etc., I had put up diet and medicine charts listing time slots and ensuring proper diet and medicines were given to kids, parents and help my wife in all day-to-day activities preparing snacks, soups, food, giving bath to the kids and even cleaning utensils and sanitizing home etc., enjoying every aspect of fatherhood.

I thank God for giving me enough courage and strength during this situation to accept the challenge and be bold and strong to overcome the crisis with ease.

Everything returned to normalcy within two or three weeks of home isolation and we all have finally recovered.

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Bharti Gowda, SAFe SSM | DevOps Engineer at CDK Global, India

“ My Heart Belongs to My Dad”

The day he held me in his hand as a baby that touch would have been the most authentic and filled with unconditional love and over a period of time this bond has grown stronger than ever.:smiling_face_with_3_hearts:

I have held his hand with my little finger and learned to stand. I have learned to talk, walk and have grown up with him on this land. Dad has made all the sacrifices silently and working hard all day and night just to get us a better life. When I was young, I thought strength was all about lifting weights. But as I grew older, I understood that real strength is all about lifting the family through a tough phase of life and he made it look as if everything was normal. I only hope to embody the physical and emotional strength he has.

Although during this pandemic, I was away from home but to share one specific fond memory of us is Cooking. He was the one who taught me cooking and not Mom. He taught me to make round rotis and his specialty dish “Palak Butter Chicken” which I’ve cooked almost every other weekend during lockdown.

As a kid, I remember impatiently waiting for him to get home from work every day so I could tell him about my day and he heard every bit of it with my exaggerative hand gestures and non-fictional storytelling. 

Besides, he never minds clicking weird filter pics on Snapchat with me. He finds it amusing and funny and gets along with it.

He has always encouraged me to challenge myself and believes that I can accomplish great things in life. He also asks me to face failures and use them as my own strength to achieve better results.

Although time and distance may separate us, his guidance, advice, and love have stuck with me through it all. I would not be who I am today without him.:star-struck:

Tip from my Dad: Put a smile on your face because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.

Aravind Bathulavar, Deputy Manager – branding & Communication

The most memorable and ever exciting day of my whole life is The day when I received a call at 4 in the morning and getting to know that I’m blessed with a baby Boy! I was all alone in my flat in Hyderabad and my wife was at her hometown Jalna, Maharashtra. My Father-in-law called me to share this great news and the very next moment I was with full of extreme sheer happiness with emotional tears and the first thing I did was calling my dad to share the news. My whole body was pulsating like a tuned musical instrument and it was sounding so beautiful to let my dad know that I’ve become the dad nowJ

The next moment after calling my dad, I freshened up and immediately got ready within few minutes, stepped out of my home and took a connecting bus straightaway as I could not wait for the time to board a train and I reached my wife’s hometown in the evening on the same day. The moment I’ve seen my little son, I can’t really describe in words how great feeling it was. The little hands and the tiny little fingers, nose, and constantly staring small cute eyes, oh my GodJ what a heavenly feeling it was to hold his little hands. I don’t know how many times I thanked my wife for such precious gift of our life. These beautiful moments and the great memories will stay with me throughout my life. Now my son Mr. Avyansh is 13 years old and is my dearest friendJ

Current phase of my life:

I firmly believe, predominantly there are only two things in our life. One is “under our control” and the other one is “beyond our control”. The Pandemic was absolutely beyond our control but how we deal and manage the situation is in our control. As every coin has both the sides, every situation will have both the dimensions to think and act. Pandemic brought extreme challenging times in our lives but taught us to live better with human values. These challenging times enabled me to spend more time with my wife and son and one of my great recent learning was knowing Avyansh’s musical talent and his dedication to practice music for at least 3 to 4 hours everyday. Indeed we both are learning Hindustani Classical Music since 3 years and recently Avyansh started taking professional training in Piano and Guitar. He is a very quick learner and I’m totally amazed by his grasping power to follow any piano notes within just few minutes and he can play any western song on the keyboard. He mostly likes western numbers and the background music scores. I’m getting the very strong sense that he is going to make career in the Music industry and by all means I’m going to provide every support to turn all his aspirations into reality.

Avyansh brought true meaning to my life and made my life complete. More success to follow.  Thanks to the Father’s Day which gave me an opportunity to share “my Father’s Day” story with you all.

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