How to face a virtual interview and definitely crack it!

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The new world order has also brought about a new kind of opportunity. You can be interviewed in the comfort of your home for an assignment thanks to technology. Video conferencing has come as a blessing for many.

If you are anticipating a virtual interview do keep these pointers in mind:

• Check your connections and device a day prior to the scheduled interaction. Also keep an alternate device ready in case there is a problem with the one that you use. Login at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.

• Choose a separate room if possible and keep informed the other family members of the scheduled time. Ideally the background noises need to be muted. Also make sure that you sit in a comfortable yet a professional table chair setup.

• Dress yourself in a professional manner as you would for a face to face interview. Make sure that you are audible and visible clearly.  The interviewer will assess your body language as much as they would in a real interview.

• Remain humble yet confident. Also just like a face to face interview, an honest approach works the best. Remain prepared but if an expected query pops up try to answer it as honestly as possible.

• If you miss the conversation because of a technical glitch do request for a repeat as no information should be missed out under any circumstances.

• Explain your expectations as well as preferences clearly when asked. Don’t hesitate to send a follow up mail thanking them as well as showing your keenness if you find the opportunity suitable.

Cracking a virtual interview requires as much acumen and preparation. Don’t forget to keep these tips in mind apart from a thorough preparation for the same!

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