How do you break Stereotypes or do you play as the conventions are?

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June 20, 2021
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Do you have it in you or you play as the conventions are. Do you try to go by your own instincts and challenge the norms. Do you play it safe all the time or try to break the mold…

A new generation always sets it’s own rules but still there are few individuals who challenge the unwritten rules and follow their hearts. It requires courage and more than that a staunch belief in yourself. There are illustrious examples of successful personalities who broke stereotypes to chart their own course. However, you may have challenged the set norms at your level and that’s commendable too!

Breaking stereotypes can apply to relationships, the choices that you make everyday, the food you eat and just about everything. Do you invest in new relationships or simply abide by those you have been endowed with. Are you experimental with food or just go with what has been cooking since many years. Being experimental doesn’t only mean trying exotic cuisines. It also means making food choices which have been left behind and which suited our palette the most.

Breaking stereotypes could also apply to parenting. In fact parenting has undergone a sea change. A conscious mindful Parenting is what many new age parents are choosing. Whatever you are choosing needs to be based on a rationale. And it is not always advisable to chart a new trek just for the sake of it. There could be a treasure of wisdom in many age old techniques. So let’s choose wisely!

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