Why is Happiness so Elusive?

‘Ye Dilli Hai Meri Jaan’
February 12, 2019
Saree. Sorry. Shame.
February 12, 2019

Recently met a long lost friend. It was a random meeting and not a planned one.  So the happiness knew no bounds and the feeling was mutual, I am sure. Since remembered this friend of my mine as a happy-go-lucky chirpy teenager, it was quite startling to see her smiling occassionally, mostly keeping a serious mature expression intact on her face and talking with a measured tone and body language. So the warmth had dissolved under this cover of maturity, I soon bid adieu after the formal exchange of contact numbers.

After few exchanges of insignificant whatsaap jokes, I almost lost touch with her again. However, this chance meeting left me wondering what had made my friend so ‘serious’ as she certainly was one of the happiest souls around. As far as I knew she had a good financial and physical health and a loving family. Is that all to make us happy? Money or more money certainly can’t buy happiness. Good relationships yes to a large extent add to happiness but don’t ensure a life long supply of happiness as relationships have a tendency to follow a fluctuating graph.

Why is happiness so elusive? Why it goes on and off? Why we can’t remain eternally happy? Is there anybody, please raise your hands, who remains happy and blissful throughout. Does it depend on the choices that we make in our life?

Yes, it does. When life is followed most organically, that is the decisions are made what we actually want, then happiness does follow. A child is mostly happy since she does mostly what she wants to do, a painter is profoundly happy painting his interpretation of world, a scientist may be self absorbed but experiencing enormous happiness as he is always on the verge of experimenting and discovering the unknown. He might be applying his Grey matter to it but that’s what his heart wants.

Follow the heart and happiness follows. Not possible in the world we live in? It is possible if we maintain right fundamentals. Great health, fitness in top gear and following the passions is the recipe. Rest all follows. Wish I could tell my friend this, but then somebody like her might just be reading it, so happy that I could vent my heart out…

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