Add Sparkle to your Festivities with these authentic signature dishes delivered at home from the Legendary Food Outlets!

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This Diwali, if you are wary of the swelling crowds and rightly believe in social distancing, you need not worry to tickle your taste buds the most authentic way. Here we are listing 5 legendary outlets in Delhi, Lucknow, Amritsar, Kolkata and Bengaluru, which are delivering now from their own websites. Of course there are popular food deliveries to order their signature dishes from. So sit back and enjoy some of the finest dishes from  your favourite joint you always thronged. After all, remote is the new normal now!

Sita Ram Diwan Chand Paharganj, Delhi

Miss frequenting the gallis of Paharganj and digging into the iconic Sita Ram Diwan Chand’s chhole bhature? The iconic outlet has now begun home deliveries. So you can indulge in your favourite breakfast again without having to deal with crowds. The patrons swear by the authentic flavour of these chole Bhature which were started in 1970.  They are delivering bottled iced tea, shikanji and aam panna. Their lipsmacking chole with paneer stuffed bhature make for one fulfilling meal.

Ram Aasrey, Lucknow

Back in 1805 when the Nawabs still ruled over Uttar Pradesh, as the sweet maker to royalty, Ram Asrey developed signature dishes such as Malai Paan, an alternative to the tobacco-filled betel leaf Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was so fond of. Now, it is more than 200 years have passed and during this period, Ram Asrey has bloomed from a normal foodie joint to a globally acclaimed eatery. The famous and elite sweet shop of Lucknow is now online too. Not just Malai Paan, Ram Aasrey has reinvented itself to suit the evolving tastebuds and still serve some of the most amazing variety in sweets. Sit back and enjoy not their delectable signature sweets but also many snack options to go along.

Kesar da Dhaba Amritsar

It is a small dhaba, in a narrow lane in Chowk Passian near Town Hall. Its signature dish is dal makhani (dal with butter). Dal Makhani is prepared in a large steel caldron where it simmers for nine hours before it is ready. They are also known for phirni served in earthen bowls. Yes, famous for its authentic Amritsari flavours, Kesar Da Dhaba can now be accessed online too. Your taste buds can now relish signature Dal Makhani or heavenly Palak Paneer just the authentic way!

Flury’s Kolkata

Who would not have heard their name which stands almost synonymous with Kolkata. Although the ambience of this most famous outlet is a major draw wafting in the nostalgic flavours. Established in 1927 by a swiss couple Mr and Mrs Flury, plum cakes and rich fruit cakes are to die for. serves pastries, chocolates, puddings, cakes and the famous specialized to cuisines from around the world. Their club sandwiches are as famous as the place itself. Flurys is regarded as one of the finest places for dining in all of Kolkata.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Bengaluru

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, an iconic spot of Bengaluru is known for best South Indian breakfasts serving plates of idlis and vadas. Despite its limited menu (they only serve 3-4 dishes, apart from tea and coffee), Brahmin’s Coffee Bar is an all-time favourite for South Indian breakfasts. Idli and crispy bisi bisi vada served with their famous watery coconut chutney (made with a tinge of mint) is what you need to order here. While they don’t serve sambar, make most of the unlimited chutney and tuck in. Soft and fluffy, the idlis almost melt in your mouth. One bite into the vada is all it will take to bowl you over. Equally popular are their Khara Bath and Kesari Bath, all this with their special in-house chutney that rounds off the entire experience there. And yes, the experience is incomplete without their legendary coffee.

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