Say More, Stay Happy!

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February 8, 2019
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February 8, 2019

‘For millions of years mankind lived just like animals

And then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination

We learned to talk’

The Pyschedelic Pink Floyd’s Keep Talking song ignites the power of talking.  Who can parallel the beauty of a rainbow hued Macau or the assymetrical  but simply gorgeous orchids. Nature is endowed with beauty, colour, evolved to perfection creatures but what sets the human race apart is the gift of language. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons for human tribe to take over and lead the pack of species. Yet in the contemporary World, we make so little and most of the times unfair use of this unique gift of nature to us. We have just stopped believing in baring our souls.

Language or communication is the best way to express ourselves to others. We have this innate capability to observe, reason, and speak. However our conditioning becomes such that as we grow up, we start curtailing expressions, made to keep quiet what we want to ask or reason and to top it, take pride in the fact that we have learnt to suppress what we want to say. You are supposed to be grown up and even wise if you are able to ‘manage’ your communication. A smart Alec knows what to say when and where and how.

But the smart Alec is actually not so smart or cool. It is important to be sensitive to other’s state of mind and the situation but that should not deter or manipulate the communication. By not speaking up, we build a stress within ourselves. So how it can be a smart or savvy way to suppess the expression?

The idea is always to talk which includes listening attentively. But since most of us as adults are so conditioned to hide our emotions and not put them forth in the form of language, we don’t even know how to listen. There is always a rush to intrude with our own expressions which have been suppressed for long. We don’t communicate or speak and then starts the cycle of judging.

Imagine without knowing or speaking up, we speculate and draw conclusions which may or may not be the correct scenario. Why it is so difficult to speak up? Communication or the lack of it, is proving to be the biggest paradox. Whether in professional world or personal situations, it is mostly the communication gap which leads to heaping of tangled relationships which not only leads to loss of productivity but uncalled for stress. Smartness lies in complete and sensible communication. Speak, listen and see how life springs into new horizons of happiness. Being smart is talking sensible and listening wise!

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