Let’s not ignore the simple pleasures of Life in pursuit of Excellence!

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How long it has been before you have experienced night sky splashed with countless stars, just gazing the most dazzling one will further reveal the less glittery ones, hazy yet there. The experience is nothing less than surreal, making us forget the humdrum of daily life and also making us realise that we are a speck in this prodigious universe yet all our thoughts, actions and reactions are centred on ourselves. The mammoth surroundings which include the supremely beautiful nature with the perfect life forms in terms of flora and fauna, and the rest of the human species is conveniently forgotten and we wish the moon for ourselves. Is it possible or are we just on a dreamchase?

We live and are rather conditioned from the beginning to excel which also implies beating down others hands down. How is our excellence related to berating the next other person? That’s what we have learnt growing or rather that has been the premise of education imparted to us. We try to be the best but unfortunately the process becomes excruciatingly painful for us as well as others. Since the idea of excellence ingrained in us is creating and running a competition, the entire journey becomes a race where actually nobody wins!

Pursuit of excellence is a life-long process and an extremely enjoyable one too. The idea is to constantly innovate, reinvent and rediscover ourselves. Also, each moment, small or huge, along the way needs to be cherished and experienced. There are umpteen simple pleasures in a day waiting to be explored, however, in the chase of ‘being there’, we simply ignore them. We live life precariously, adopting a very narrow viewpoint but not paying attention to little things which are loaded with simple pleasures of life capable of giving us boundless pleasures which we seek all our lives. This may sound textbook or not doable to most but here lies the simple secret to live life full size!

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