Why Salman is still an Enigma, Bharat Proves it

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June 13, 2019
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July 6, 2019

What’s wrong with Bharat? Nothing. What’s wrong with its reviews? Everything. This summer evening when there is nothing much else worthwhile to do, Bharat seems to be a lucrative option, the thought of spending some time in comfortably chilled multiplex munching on caramelised popcorn is way too alluring than this Salman starrer Mega Eid release. I accept here that reviews have made me biased and while watching, I constantly mull not coming to catch this blockbuster complete masala laden entertainer, which is a typical Salman khan movie or let’s say a stereotypical Bollywood flick inspired by South Korean movie, An Ode to My Father. This massy affair stands delightful in its own classy way. If you are looking for realistic brand of cinema which caters to intellect, then this one is not for you. Better go and watch a play, which regularly run in scores of auditoriums of metro cities. Bharat caters to each and every citizen of Bharat and not just the multiplex audience.

Epic partition of 1947, just like umpteen previous movies, is the backdrop and surprisingly has not lost its appeal. By now, almost all of us are aware of the storyline with Salman being portrayed as the most innocent yet responsible eldest child, to young and raring to go Salman who even pulls the deadly stunt of running the bike in ‘Maut ka Kuan’ to a mature and full of valour Salman who comes unscathed from an extremely dangerous blast in a tunnel to the suave sailor who ventures out overseas and again shows some extraordinary courage.

Superfit, looking dapper in every disguise and at the centerstage, Salman is at the top of his game. It is evident that he has put in loads of effort with passion into this project which seems very close to his heart. Family, relationships, responsibility are the pillars of this story and who better than Salman to carry it off…From a bratty hero of early 90s to the humble and innocent in the likes of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo to Bajrangi Bhaijan, Salman has undergone a conscious image change which has worked very well for him. He comes off-screen as well as somebody holding his family together, having utmost regard to traditional values and same is translated on-screen as well in Bharat. His fanbase could not have asked for more…

Raw with liberal doses of Salman brand of humour, Bharat draws ripples of laughter from audience. The film traverses a time period of 60 years and each decade is represented with a relatable icon or situation. Bharat or synonymously Salman holds the audience with laughter, emotion and familial ties which perhaps Bharat had but the contemporary India completely lacks.

Katrina plays an endearing but strong character. She looks lovely and her hardwork is evident too but is also apparent her limitation as an actress. The bold and beautiful Disha Patani adds spark with her sensuous moves in a guest appearance but here again a superfit and agile Salman make a great pair with her.

There are drawbacks like a not so likeable music but then this one is to be seen as an entertainment package where every spice is thrown in to present a sumptuous end product. I might have just missed a typical well-made Bollywood movie, having been marred by ‘intellectual reviews’. Even making a masala movie aimed at cross-section of people is also a work of intelligence if not some intellect!

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