Goa actually happened to the Indian audience with Dil Chahta Hai

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He is 47 now and was 27 then. So its exactly 20 years back that a first time debutant director became the real hero of the blockbuster. Farhan Akhtar truly arrived after ‘Dil Chahta hai’ broke all records to emerge as one of the most successful and loved new age cinema. The film on friendship became a cult.  Ahead of times, Dil Chahta hai became a sensation amongst the Indian audience of the new millennium.

Aakash, Sid and Sameer the three college buddies find themselves in different situations of life when life actually happens to them. All three of them are different, very different yet this thick bond of friendship binds them, drifts them and yet brings them together. Played by Aamir Khan, Akshay Khanna and Saif Ali Khan, the three protagonists chalk their own paths full of tribulations and trials. But there is something about their friendship that unites them again!

The film was sketched on modernism. The characters were well defined and each of them were shown in their full aura with complete justification. Also this was the time when Indian cinema had emerged from the golden period of 90s where music, fiction and uncanny fashion ruled the silver screen. Dil Chahta hai was pathbreaking as music was refreshingly fresh and sublime by Shankar Ehsaan Loy. The characters were much more relatable and real. Perhaps from here started the authentication of Indian cinema.

Most of the movies on friendships have been a hit. Dil Chahta hai is still loved and if you plan to watch it even after 20 years you will not find it stale. It was certainly ahead of it’s times. Goa actually happened to Indian audience post Dil Chahta hai. Many movies would have been shot there before but this was the one which brought the vibrant state into focus and as big time travel destinations. Many friend groups travelled to Goa to live their Dil Chahta hai moments. 20 years on and Farhaan’s masterpiece is a pure piece of delight, emotions and hope. Can we expect a sequel, only Farhaan can tell!

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