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As we grow older, the friendship bracelets, daily catchups, and banters become a memory that you’d look back upon and smile. Aging like fine wine, the best of friendships is one where you stay connected no matter the distance. Its the friendship day, show your friend how much they mean to you by putting together a care package for them with a set of heartfelt and thoughtful gifts. Celebrate the quirks, passions and interests which drive your BFF, this Friendship Day

For the coffee loversEvery group has that one friend who cannot start the day without a cup of coffee. Gift them the stylish Crease Coffee Tumbler from Script. Covered in subtle creases, the Zen color coffee tumbler will be a cool add-on to their collection of mugs and cups. Its ripped body allows a solid grip adding a dash of contemporary to the overall design making it all the more insta-savvy.

For the night owl friend However long a day might be, there’s always a friend who finds solace in the silence of night. Gift them the super chic Shine Table Lamp to brighten their space. From reading, to journaling, to binge watching, encourage them to follow their passion when they can’t sleep. Moreover, the remote working scenario has a lot of us pulling all-nighters. For those workaholics this trendy piece is sure to give them the source of inspiration and positivity. With its elegant matte finish the Shine Table Lamp could be a cool new addition to the table or bed side décor.

For the closet-masterchef friend : With the current pandemic mood, there are bound to be many among your circle who need a push or an element of inspiration to resume their chronicles at the kitchen. Gift them the Dice Kitchen Knife set and encourage them to get back to their passion with the smooth blades designed to personify perfection. The Acros-designed knife comes with a strong handle which reduces almost half the effort that goes behind chopping, making it smooth and enjoyable.

For the friend who’s always cold: With the monsoon adding to our pandemic blues, we all long for a bear hug from our friends. Send your friend the Jade Knit Solid Pompom Throw from Script, a snuggle-ready throw that combines elegance and comfort effortlessly to remind them of the warmth of your friendship. Made of eco-friendly materials and attractive colors, this throw is sure to give a luxurious and comforting feel, while they curl up on the sofa sipping on a hot beverage, or laze on the bed watching the new tear-jerker or a classic nail-biting horror series.

For the virtual hangouts: Many birthdays and occasions have been missed through this pandemic. With safety on everyone’s mind, social drinking is now more of an indoor affair, and your friends would mostly have stocked up on liquor. Gift them some exquisite barware and help recreate the outdoor experience at home by setting up an elegant bar for them. Script’s delightful range of barware, from Bubble Red Wine Glass to Luigi Roma Whiskey Tumbler, will inspire a glamour quotient to your weekend time-outs with your gang over a zoom call.

For the History-Buff friend: History, as a subject might not be everyone’s cup-of-tea but there remains a huge chunk who are in awe of the literature of the days gone by. Gift your history-buff friend Script’s coolest addition, Tintin Mug. Resembling iconic dinnerware from the past, the Tintin Coffee Mug adds a backstory to the contemporary dining. Its vintage look will take you back to World War 2, when the enamelware was in vogue. The irregularities in texture and glaze celebrate the timelessness of artistry. The Tintin Mug would definitely add on to their collection. 

All these enticing thoughtful gifts are from Script – a Godrej venture that creates accessories celebrating the fluid and evolutionary way of living

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