Cindrella 2021 is Confident and knows her own mind!

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September 3, 2021
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September 7, 2021

A much anticipated Cindrella 2021 released on September 3rd on Amazon Prime. Directed by Kay Cannon, this Cindrella stars Camila Cabello, the singer who does her acting debut with this Cindrella movie. I don’t even remember how many times I have seen Cindrella released in 2015 alongwith my daughter. Cindrella 2015 was a totally traditional fairy tale storyline and was magical to say the least.

Cindrella 2021 is a musical and the storyline is tailor made to cater to the new decade. After all, its 2021! The original plot remains the same but here Cindrella who is called Ella is confident yet submissive, knows her mind, wants to do her thing and she is a dress designer! If you are a fashion and music buff, this version works very well for you. The costumes are simply breathtaking here.

However, do we really need a deviation from the original? The performances here are great. The lead pair Camilo Cabillo as Ella and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Robert deliver stellar performances. Nicholas leaves a lasting impression as a great looking Prince with a heart of gold. The prince listens to the girl he has set his heart on and both of them are truly the millennial couple.

Pierce Brosnan as the king, Minnie Driver as the Queen Beatrice and Idina Menzel as Vivian, the step mom are veterans who put the much expected soul into their performances. And when Idina sings the epic ‘Material girl’ , the Madonna song, the aura of the movie goes a notch higher!

Since Cindrella was written many many years back and is a popular folk tale, there are variations too. The basic storyline, however, remains the same. Cindrella has inspired so many movies, Television shows and plays and even books. It’s either the poor girl and the rich boy or the reverse! Here, Cindrella is shown in sync with the generational leap. However, some more finishing was required to make it a totally adorable musical gem. Cindrella is legendary, nothing less suits it!

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