ABBA is back with ‘I still have faith in you’

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September 1, 2021
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‘I still have faith in you’ and ‘don’t shut me down’ are the two new songs from the album ‘Voyage’ by ABBA, the legendary band. 2021 is just not going to the same as it marks the return of ABBA. Even if you are not a hard core pop music follower of swinging 70s, you would have certainly heard ‘the time of your life’ The Dancing Queen. ABBA were a rage in 80s too and their music crossed borders.

After 40 years they have popped up with this new album and a planned concert in spring of 2022. Their most popular songs have been ‘Super Trooper’, Take a Chance on me. There was something magical about their music. It was soothing and yet eclectic and upbeat.

A band comprising of 4 members and originally from Sweden, the band consisted of two married couples but eventually the marriages broke down. The members all in their 70s now have released several singles but this is the first time they are back together.

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