Choti Si Bhookh or Your Evening snack ka healthy fix!

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September 23, 2021
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Whether you are working from home or in office or simply chilling at home, the hunger pangs in evening leave most of us baffling with what to snack on. Caught unawares and unprepared, this is also the time to binge on most unhealthy packaged food. Specially, if you are in office or even working from home, a little planning for the week can make you super organized as far as your evening snack is concerned. Listing here 6 such healthy, tasty, to be prepared in a jiffy, food items which can be packed in a tiffin as well!

 Sabudana Khichdi The Monday Munch

This one is a personal favourite. Originally from Maharashtra, Sabudana peanut khichdi is now quite popular. Light and low in fats, don’t forget to add sliced potatoes and a teaspoon of lemon to the mix to enhance flavour and make it wholesome. It is consumed during fasting also and can be prepared in less than 5 mintues

Fruit Salad The Tuesday Delight

Colourful, handy, healthy, I like it all cubed and tossed in a thick sauce of yogurt blended with honey, Walnuts, almonds. No fussing over the kind of fruits..the seasonal ones work and taste the best! Apples, bananas, grapes, pomegranates, kiwi, oranges all can be cubed and tossed in yougurt or simply cut and squeeze a lemon and mix in some black salt and little sugar and you have the yummiest evening fix ready!

Rava Dhokla The Wednesday Wonder

Roasted Rava is mostly readily available in households. Rava to be mixed with curd, baking powder or Eno, salt and sugar and to be kept for sometime. The batter is now ready to be steamed. Rava Dhokla gets ready in minimal time with easily available ingredients, are super soft and filling. These can be prepared with variations like with gramflour, oats or multigrain flours.

Fruit Pancakes or Multigrain Pancakes The Thursday Treat

Fruit pancakes are a popular European breakfast recipe. Trust me, they taste truly divine and one of the healthiest options for the teatime as well. Whisk in flour (I always go for the wheatflour), eggs, honey, baking powder, milk and spread the pancakes on a griddle and they come out super fluffy and light. Bananas, apples and strawberries are fruits of choice to be pureed and whisked in the mixture. The Indian version are the chillas which can be prepared by mixing gramflour or grain mixture of your choice, curd and diced mixed vegetables. Not only flavourful, these are filling and full of nutrients too.

Masala Raw Cottage Cheese The Friday Flick

Homemade Paneer is hygienic and the richest source of protein. In fact, my favourite is raw paneer tempered with black pepper and salt and lemon. Another way to make it flavourful and a complete healthy snack in itself is to put roasted cumin, chilli flakes, mixed herbs, ginger paste, freshly cut coriander or parsley to boiling milk before adding lemon juice to it to make Paneer or Cottage Cheese. Comes out totally yumm and can be a delightful treat for young kids as well!

Makhana Peanut Saute The Saturday Swirl

If you are one of those who works on a Saturday as well then this easy-peasy but healthy snack is just perfect before the weekend party begins. Foxnuts or Makhanas are nutrient rich, very healthy and when sauteed in clarified butter with peanuts, again a great source of proteins, this munchie is sure to fill you up in the healthiest of way!

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