5 Popular and Not so Popular Maharashtrian Recipes

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Raise your hand if you have Poha as one of your breakfast staple. Chances are that most of the hands will be raised since onion potato peanut Poha or originally known as Kandha Batata poha from Maharashtra is now served throughout India as one of the favorite breakfast recipe. Maharashtrian cuisine has gained popularity manifolds in the last decade. What was a signature to Juhu Beach or Chowpaty in Mumbai is now prepared in every household and served as a street food across India. Yes, Pav Bhaji and Bhelpuri are now available across India and you can even find them in Indian restaurants abroad too!

Maharashtrian cuisine bursts with flavors, has authentic masala combinations. Vegetables, lentils and grains like wheat, Jowar, Bajra and rice are staples of a Maharashtrian cuisine. Also different regions of the state have their own unique masala like malvani masala, gouda masala etc.

Here we are talking about 5 popular and not so popular Maharashtrian recipes which are taste bud tingling to the core and soon will be major hits.

Vada Pav

It’s a fast food from Maharashtra that is now popular everywhere. One of the most humble street foods of Mumbai, Vada Pav is now carved by people of all regions. A potato dumpling or a batata vada is placed inside Pav or Bun and served with tangy chutneys and special garlic chutney. Those who had the privilege to eat authentic Mumbai Vada Pav always search for that genuine flavour. However, Vada Pav is now available just everywhere and prepared as a evening snack in many households to be served with steaming hot chai.

Puran Poli

This is a sweet bread prepared during festivals and specially during Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali. This has stuffing of China dal and jaggery. The sweet stuffing is known as Puran whereas the bread is called Poli. There are many variations now popular but the original one has the bread made of wheat flour and all purpose flour with some turmeric powder to give it a yellow hue whereas the poli is cooked chana dal sauteed with jaggery and cardamom powder, dry ginger powder, fennel powder etc. They are served with ghee and curd and even pickle.

Pav Bhaji

A hearty, buttery Pav Bhaji is what you would have tasted definitely wherever you reside. Also it might be your favourite fast food or street food. Pav Bhaji has attained the cult status of national popular foods in the category of Chole Bhature, Masala Dosa and Burgers! Bhaji is chopped garlic, onions, potatoes, peas, onions, tomatoes sauteed in butter and Pav bhaji masala preferably prepared on a large tawa and then the Pav are toasted in dollops of butter on the same Tawa. Served with lemon wedges and topped with butter, Pav Bhaji is tangy, flavorful and mushy and soft and devoured quickly by the fans of this wholesome recipe. Pav Bhaji is now regularly prepared in most of the households and not limited to Maharashtra!

Kothambir Vadi

Even if you are not making it as yet at home or savoured it you would have definitely heard about it as the popular and cynical Bhide master of Tarak Mehta ka ulta Chashma loves it eat Kothambir Vadis prepared by his perfect homemaker wife Madhavi! These delicious Vadis are prepared by mixing coriander leaves also known as kothambir in Marathi, with Gram flour or Besan and water and then steamed to make a cake like delicacy. Cut into square pieces, it is finally served with spicy mint chutney.


These are sweet rice flour dumplings stuffed with Jaggery, coconut, saffron are served as a bhog to Lord Ganesha during Ganesh Chaturthi. Modaks are mandotarily prepared during this major festival. Now modaks have gained tremendous popularity throughout and there are umpteen variations available including chocolate Modaks, Oreo Modaks etc. But nothing can compare to the original recipe which is drenched in Ghee and is absolutely delightful to the tastebuds.

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