5 Most Loved Children’s Book Authors

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September 11, 2021
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September 20, 2021

They are endearing, and children have liked them since ages and they still remain favourites

Roald Dahl

One of the most popular authors amongst children, Roald Dahl’s birthday was on September 13. A British novelist, short story writer and a poet, Dahl’s most famous publications have been Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda etc. He wrote 19 books in his decade long career. Roald Dahl is still famous amongst children who are starting to read on their own.

Enid Blyton

Another British author who is extremely popular amongst children is Enid Blyton. Her books have been translated into 90 languages. She wrote on a variety of topics including education, history, fantasy and is famously remembered for Noddy, Famous Five, Secret Seven and Malcry Towers.

Julia Donaldson

Can I say she is my favorite children’s author and so is my daughter’s. She was the first author whom we read together and then most of her titles became ever favorites. Gruffalo, The Paper Dolls, The Smartest Giant in Town are few of the most adorable books Julia has penned. She is one of the most loved authors for Children of age 3 years and plus since she writes in the interesting pattern of rhyming words. Mostly Julia Donaldson has teamed up with Axel Scheffler to give brilliant illustrations which children of this age group find brain tickling as well as most interesting.

Ruskin Bond

The Indian British author is purely a delight for kids and adults like. Bond’s books are written in most lucid way, feature wild life and draw amazing human and animal connections. There are quite a few popular children’s books that he has written. The blue umbrella, The Room on the Roof have been his famous books for children. Kids always find his writing really enchanting and are able to connect. He has written books for all age groups.

Sudha Murty

The Indian author is a gem and her writing a precious jewel. Sudha Murty has an amazing collection of books and her repertoire includes The Grandma’s bag of stories, The Magic of the lost Temple, The Magic Drum and other favorite stories are few popular choices of Sudha Murty. Simple yet evoking imagination and most importantly keeping the child glued is what Sudha Murty’s books bring to a kid’s table.

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