Why are eco-friendly homes now gaining momentum in India?

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Over the recent years in India there has been tremendous impetus to the green buildings or eco-friendly building movement which is looked as the living for a cause and are meticulously designed keeping modern housing designs with all amenities in mind.

The increasing pressure on earth with fast depleting natural resources and drastic changing patterns of the climate change have made people to consciously sit up and take account, leading to conscious changes in lifestyle which also includes choosing eco-friendly or green homes as a better alternative to live in. It is estimated that by the year 2030 alone 20% of all constructions across the world would account for green buildings.

Though this entire concept of green building has actually made in roads in the Indian construction industry much later but is so deep and vast that it has the potential to change the course of construction industry. Until now the country has about 1.2 bn square feet of green buildings being built or ready. This figure is expected to increase to 80 bn by 2030 account to almost over 20 % increase. It is estimated that almost about 60 % of construction which will finally come up in 2030 offers a huge potential for development of green buildings in the country.

It is observed that buildings alone account for 40% of India’s overall energy consumption and more than 60% of all buildings being built are residential project, therefore, it is imperative to incorporate the effective use of site resources, water conservation, energy efficiency, efficient management of household wate by segregating it optimal material utilization and design for healthy environment friendly homes , thus paying way for what we call as eco-friendly, sustainable or green homes. In India, there are more than enough health and financial reasons driving the evolution of trend for these homes in the country.

Though it is at a nascent stage in the country, its awareness is fast gaining ground in the country, people are now evaluating these eco-friendly homes owing to health reasons and their feasibility in the long run. Living in such homes in the long run benefit the house owner as it considerably reduces cost of daily necessities. They are efficient as they save electricity and water consumption considerably. These houses look for incorporating eco-friendly options where the focus is on sustainable development. Though the concept has not yet gained roots in the country but is fast picking up as it is a tangible value proposition for the buyer and a good investment.

The article is authored by Saurabh Sood, founder, Nature Homes

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