Who is Avani Chaturvedi? Priya Prakash we all know…

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February 12, 2019
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A very cute looking, talented young girl who is beginning her career in Malayalam film industry ‘winks’ and she is an internet sensation, wooing millions. She even invites a controversy but soon gets relief and is now looking forward to a promising  journey on celluloid screen. No mean feat!Another young girl, meanwhile, has pulled up an even bigger accomplishment. Meet Avani Chaturvedi, India’s first woman to fly a fighter plane solo. Wow!!

She cleared her first solo sortie on a MIG 21 fighter and flew in the grey skies for a full half an hour. She must be on top of the world, kissing the sky, very much on her own. It is indeed a huge moment of pride to be the first ever Indian woman to fly a supersonic fighter all alone!

There is some striking similarity between these two young achievers. Apart from being both young girls, they are extremely confident and raring to go. Both of them come from small town India, Priya belongs to scenic town of Thrissur in Kerala whereas Avani is a native of non-descript town called Deolond in Madhya Pradesh.  And both are extremely ambitious making just the right moves.

It’s not easy being a movie actress. What we see is the glamour but what we dont see is the smashing hard work that goes to make a role successful or even to get an expression right or for that matter even the ‘wink’ right. Certainly there must have been something unique to mesmerise millions of Internet users and moreover, even national news channels were giving wide coverage to the bubbly girl and her wink, leave aside the zillions of jokes and shares on social media.

What is mind boggling is that the other braveheart girl, Avani, was hardly in news. Yes there was some newspaper coverage and a very short clip on TV channels. Does it mean hers was a lesser achievement? Looks like the way media or we are giving attention to achievers or topics of interest. Whereas Avani might be on a rigorous training schedules to touch  new heights and so would be Priya, working zealously to prove herself more, Lets at least , be more responsible in giving limelight to promising young achievers. They are the role models and our children are watching keenly to follow in their footsteps…

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