Real Homes made Smarter by Artificial Intelligence

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September 20, 2019
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October 11, 2019

Ms Bhawana Bhatnagar gives a comprehensive insight on Artificial Intelligence enabled Homes

Bhawana Bhatnagar, Interior Stylist, writes a guest column on Homes made smarter by Artificial Intelligence

We are soon going to enter the next decade and technology is making it’s presence felt in our lives more than ever. Artificial intelligence is the buzzword for the coming decade and AI is being applied to make homes ‘smarter’ too. A Smart home is an advanced version of an Automated Home and comes with built-in intelligence that’s incorporated into the system with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Basically, a Smart Home has all the features of an Automated home, along with additional skills due to AI. Let’s find out some startling features of a ‘Smart Home’.

• Eliminates human errors and takes immediate remedial measures to rectify any mistakes that an individual may make. For instance, in case of a gas hob being left ON, the system will cut off the gas supply, switch off main power supply to all appliances and switch ON the kitchen exhaust to clear of the inflammable gas out all on its own. This can be extremely beneficial and can prevent hazardous situations to occur.

• Helps increase your productivity by taking responsibility of making decisions & performing tasks according to the behaviors, habits and patterns of the individual. For example, if the system detects that the owner has left the premises, it will ensure to switch off the lights, draw the curtain, switch off the A.C., lock the main door etc. This can especially be useful as it allows individuals to now focus their time and energy on tasks of higher priority instead of just these menial tasks.

• Acts as stress buster by relieving you of the anxiety and worries of completing your ‘TO-DO-LIST’. It does this by analyzing information from your routine and work patterns.

• Pre-anticipate the situation, make the shortest path & help you achieve your task with minimum effort and optimal time. A common example of this is the travel time from home to an individual’s workplace. If a person goes to work 20 km from his/her place every day, and has to reach there by 9:00 am, the system is able to analyze the traffic and road conditions to evaluate how much time it may take for that person to reach. It then accordingly sets a wake-up alarm. It also switches ON the water geyser and brew coffee for the person!

• Saves a lot of time by helping you in your day to day work and chores. Your Smart home can automatically order your groceries from an online store according to your shopping list as soon as it senses that your grocery stock has reduced to below a level. It can even open the door with a welcome message for the delivery man after recognizing his identity through face recognition and take snapshot as well for record purpose.

• Can customize the den or bedroom in the house for a particular person based on his preferences stored in the database. The right color theme of lights can be set, the room temperature be adjusted to his/her preference, his/her favorite music be cued in, a movie of his/her choice can be played and even his/her favorite food can be ordered!

In a developing nation like India, one can find lot of Automated Homes. However, there are hardly any Smart homes. This is mostly because it can be a little costly, involves design complexity and requires a technologically advanced infrastructure and surroundings. Things are moving in the right direction and we are progressing to ensure that what looks like magic today, will become our living realities very soon. Amazing artificial Intelligence!

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