How can you become your own Favorite?

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We all have many idols and then favourites too. We all see grass being green on the other side. How many times we have thought of becoming our own favorite person? Is it even doable? Very much and that too with just a few simple steps! Self love is what we hear a lot these days. What is self love? Is it remaining focused on yourself or taking care of yourself with a holistic picture in mind. There can be few simple steps that make a world of difference to your entire persona. Let’s find out a way to rediscover yourself and be your own favorite!

An honest approach to your relationships

Often we have huge expectations from those around us without giving a due thought how much we are fulfilling theirs. An honest approach works best when relationships are concerned. This actually becomes a reflection of your true self. The more honest and transparent you are in your relationships implies the value you attach to yourself. Always keep in mind, each relationship that you try to form or sustain may not be as reciprocative. And dont even give a second thought to move on as loving yourself is as much about valuing your time.

Time Management and Discipline

This is one of the best gift you can give yourself. Managing your time and deciding how and where you need to invest your time in? An absolute rational approach works best when making a judgement about your time. Just spend few days rationalizing your time and see for yourself the huge transformation it brings on. Once you start valuing time, it would be so much easy to set a time managment as time drainers get filtered out and suddenly you have more time in hand to devote to productive tasks leading to enormous self improvement. Slight discipline based on judicious use of time can enhance your self esteem to a great extent!

Remain committed to Goals

There are no two ways about it. Without goals, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. Each one of us, whether a student, a working professional, a homemaker or an artist, can be setting goals, which clears the ambiguity at the very onset. Always remember to be setting short term as well as long term goals! And don’t forget to celebrate and cherish achieving a short term goal. Your goal can be related to your health, a hobby, your project, a giving gesture or simply anything that adds to your treasure trove of happiness. Chase goals and follow timeliness but never lose yourself. Remain committed to the wholesome canvas!

Outperform yourself at each step

A councious and mindful approach is a must for outperforming yourself at each step. You can be outperforming yourself with regard to your work, with the choices that you make be it music, books or art that you follow, the content that you consume and also the empathy that you develop. Remember it is always the complete YOU that shines. How much you glitter depends on how much you are able to give out! Self love is all about making yourself better but only when a holistic approach is applied. Self love is certainly not self centred. You improve and add an aura and vibes to let others shine too!

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