‘Robotics for All’ as Ecovacs continue innovation in smart robotics

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December 7, 2022
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ECOVACS ROBOTICS, a leader in home service robotics, has unveiled bollywood actress Yami Gautam as their first Indian brand ambassador. Aligning with the brand ethos, Yami will become a strong advocate for the brand’s legacy of innovation and robotic transformation that will be pioneering in the Indian market.

The partnership with Yami Gautam will mirror the brand’s vision of ‘Robotics for All’ with ECOVACS’ full range of home service robotics. As the brand ambassador, Yami will have a crucial role in revolutionizing customer recall, supporting the vision of creating accessibility and promoting the availability of robotics technology in India for the audience. Through her evolved audience, ECOVACS is optimistic to expand its horizons in the country and continue the innovation in smart robotics. 

The brand has signed multi-platform advertising and marketing campaigns with the actress and has released its first film, mirroring the pulse of most households in the country. Summing the messy moments that one may witness, the film unveils all the hero DEEBOT offerings made by the brand to the Indian market. Through the partnership, ECOVACS and Yami Gautam together aim to simplify lives with tech and robotic advancements in India.

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