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Parties are fun and this is the happening party season. However, when it comes down to planning one within budget, it is a big deal. Looking for the choicest deals, scurrying helter and skelter to secure the best offers to plan the party within the budget proves too much at times. This is where Baromeeter – A Party Wingman App, comes in, enabling the folks who like to party, discover the best venues and deals related to ‘Going-out’ and plan it conveniently, without emptying their pockets!

Rishabh Vyas, Founder and CEO, Baromeeter, says, “Our brand wants to de-clutter the market by offering value-based deals and focusing on dining experience over discounts. For our customers, we aim at creating a #DineBeyondDiscounts kind of experience, by providing exclusive party deals and offers that can be pre-booked and availed at any bar, cafe, restaurant or club.”

With Baromeeter you can;

Plan your special occasions using the BOM Parties

BOM parties is one of the three features of Baromeeter. This feature lets you skip the ordeal one has to go through while planning a party and do the same more conveniently.

Explore and reserve deals using BOM Deals

With BOM Deals you get real-time deals and offers active in cafes near you. Check out the BOM deal section on the app to find out the best deals and discount offers along with all the related information regarding the offer explore the best deals & offers at TOP restaurants and cafes in town

Connect and chat at the venue virtually using BOM Social
BOM Social is a concept which is not relatively new but has not yet been employed by any food-tech app. Founder Rishabh Vyas says, “With BOM Social, we intend to take the virtual yahoo chat room to another level, by giving it the much-deserved reality check!”

Baromeeter offers real-time and the best deals running at cafes all across the town. So, if you’re in the mood to party or have been entrusted with the responsibility to plan one, look nowhere and open Baromeeter app – your party wingman on your phone, or simply check out their website to plan an experience beyond words, an experience which is beyond discounts and quality compromising dining offers.

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