Multi-tasking is a Myth or a Skill?

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August 20, 2020
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September 24, 2020

Are you a habitual multitasker who handles multiple tasks in one go. Probably yes, most of us are in today’s times and we are even expected to be one. Mostly even subconsciously we handle many tasks and things at one go. We are also under constant assumption that multi-tasking is a great productivity tool. However, handling many tasks simultaneously can actually be counter-productive as it hampers brain functioning.

Human mind and body are supposed to be working in sync. Our brain works best when focused on a task. The output is best. But when it handles multiple roles and tasks simultaneously then it leads to chaos and decreased productivity in the long run. Stress generation due to increased multi-tasking is a byproduct. And it perpetually leads to anxiety, sleep disorders and even endocrine malfunctions.

Some researchers believe that multi-tasking can actually reduce productivity by 40%. This is actually in contradiction to our assumption that handling multiple tasks is a productivity booster. Multi-tasking leads to short term memory loss and even inhibits creative thinking.

Are women better multi-taskers than men? It is generally believed that women are able to handle more tasks or chores in one go. But, there is no conclusive evidence to prove this. According to Harward Business Review, no study has proved till now that women are biologically more adept at multitasking. It is perhaps the social conditioning that women are found to be doing more multitasking and even praised for it.

With mobile phones in our hands 24×7 and innumerable apps on our fingertips, we anyways are zapping between many media, information and stories apart from the work or chores we handle. But this demands another write-up!

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