“Everyone is living a Myth”

Could it be Less Lonely at the Top?
August 20, 2019
Fit Hai toh Hit Hai
September 20, 2019

When he is standing in front of you, you instantly get enamoured by the aura. Once he starts speaking, you immediately sense the unmatched knowledge which runs very deep, a passion for a subject very close to his heart. One of the bestselling authors of today, Devdutt Pattanaik, known for fictional work and interpretations of ancient Indian scriptures, delivers some gems…

On how mythology compares with philosophy…
Mythology is for ordinary people like me whereas philosophy is for elite.

On the relevance of mythological stories for today’s kids..
Let’s not wear a lawyer’s hat when writing for kids. They may take their own course.

From being an MBBS doctor and working for almost 15 years in healthcare to now being a full-time writer, the motivation behind the plunge…
Joy was somewhat lacking while working in the healthcare and here I completely enjoy myself.

His favourite mythological book…

The one I am currently working on (chuckles). I work on multiple books at a time. A book on vedic mythology is on cards.

On the difference between Mythology and Mythological fiction…
Mythological fiction is very popular as it is fantasy rooted in familiar traditional tales. Mythology itself is about figuring out world views of cultures, essentially how people think in a particular cultural ethos.

Pic courtesy: www.devdutt.com

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