The ‘Encyclopedia of Forests’ Tulsi Gowda is now Padma Shri Tulsi

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November 8, 2021
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November 12, 2021

Noted environmentalist Tulsi Gowda popularly known as the ‘Encyclopedia of Forest’, rose to limelight recently when she was conferred the Padma Shri awards.  The 72-year-old environmentalist from Karnataka  is known for her contributions towards safeguarding the environment. Her story as an environmentalist has proven to be an inspiration to many throughout the years.

Tulsi Gowda belongs to the Halakki indigenous tribe in Karnataka and hails from a not so priviledged family. Throughout her formative years, Gowda never had access to any formal education, but despite all odds, she began expanding her knowledge in the field of plants and other fauna. She is an environmentalist from Karnataka who has planted more than 30,000 saplings and has been involved in environmental conservation activities for the past six decades.

Today, she is known as the ‘Encyclopedia of the Forest’, as she possesses vast knowledge about the herbs and plant species found across the world. Ever since she was a teenager, she has been actively contributing to protecting the environment and has planted thousands of trees. Dedicated to preserving nature her entire life, Tulsi has planted more than 30,000 saplings in her lifetime and has been involved in multiple environmental conservation activities since the young age of 10. Even at the age of 72, Tulasi Gowda continues to nurture plants and share her vast knowledge with the younger generation to promote the importance of environmental conservation.

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