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November 2, 2020
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November 24, 2020

They have nurtured their passions. Inspite of demanding motherhood responsibilities, they have made the best use of social media and blogging with huge followings. But wait, there is a twist. These wonderful and charismatic moms are blogging their interests along with their kiddos who are as talented and exceptional as they are. Purely heartwarming and genuinely outstanding, these three blogger Moms along with their kiddos are my favorites too!

Piano and Me by Gurgaon based Sandhya Chopra

Music has always been her forte, Piano, a passion. Music runs in the family too. Sandhya’s 13 year old son plays impeccable Drum and Tabla. Both of them together, with Sandhya on Piano and sonny boy, Shiv, casting his magic on Drum, create symphonies which are pure joy. No wonder, their videos are called ‘Videos of Joy’, which Sandhya started composing during the lockdown period. Not to miss, the 3 year old daughter who just enlivens the entire sequence with her cutesy banter. Sandhya has recorded 36 videos till date captured by her hubby. They were awarded the most talented family award in the talented Family Hunt contest. The versatile Sandhya is one of the Top 5 winners of season 4 Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine and won the title of Mrs Talented Queen as well. Dedicated and a doting mother, Sandhya still takes out time to do 4-8 hours of rehearsals on her Piano, even if it demand an early morning practice!

Mom and son usually create most soulful jugalbandis on old hindi classics and the heart will certainly erupt with joy listening to them. They are amazing and awesome, to say the least. What better way than music to spread cheer in this otherwise not so happy period.

Good_ Earth_Good_ Food by Kolkata based Ritika Choraria

Ritika started blogging after her daughter was born. Harshini is 1.9 years now and the whole idea to blog started with a thought of sharing natural traditional recipes or parenting hacks with other moms. Ritika realised through social media mom groups that mostly the mothers were struggling with the diet of baby or toilet training or immunity. She says, “My motherhood was going very smooth with only one difference that I was following, all natural time tested traditional hacks ! So I thought let’s help other mothers too while i learn. This was the whole idea of good_ earth_good_food.”

An MBA from ICFAI, Hyderabad and with corporate work experience, Ritika had almost made up her mind of not wanting to become a mother. But she later decided to put an end to corporate career as now there was a burning desire to explore life of a housemaker and also to learn yoga. To her surprise, Ritika loved this side of the coin thoroughly and till date motherhood is her favourite experiences of all. Says Ritika, “I have learnt that being a mother is all about following a mother’s instinct and only a mother can decide the best for the child. So motherhood came with own challenges, and I had decided I will stick to my roots and stick to natural traditional practices. Be it going dipaer free from the very beginning, or choosing very few vaccines, choosing very basic traditional diet for the little one.”
It all involved little patience and lot of fun! Currently based at Kolkata but, Ritika travels very frequently between Jodhpur- Asansol-Kolkata along with the baby who is a pure bundle of joy and energy. Ritika mostly blogs very traditional and close to nature recipes or hacks for babies. She has dug out wisdom from our ancient practices as well as culture and now blogging cues to other moms too!

Whatsanicookin by New Jersey based Anishka Lunawat

When lockdown struck, Anishka who is a business analyst by profession, started cooking to her heart’s delight what she had always loved to. Now there were no outings and she was cooking some really ‘fancy’ recipes. Soon, she was blogging what she was creating and the creative home chef already has massive 6k followers. Mostly Anishka cooks with her adorable 4 year old daughter, who has shown keen interest in cooking since the beginning. The little eager cook helps Mom with washing veggies, drying them, putting stuff in instant pot, rolling rotis, etc. Also, she knows all spices and steps for cooking poha, chai, pasta, sandwich, etc. And is a treat to watch when she cooks along with Mumma.

Anishka, a vegetarian, tries to cook many vegan recipes. She says, “
I learned from my mom the importance of knowing basic skills like cooking and therefore wanted to instill the same in my daughter. I don’t make things to publish on IG, I publish what I make. Simple things without too many props and fancy lights, background etc.”

Whatsanicookin is one creative, appealing blog where the Mom daughter duo create adorable magic which keeps one awestruck!

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