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February 15, 2019
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February 18, 2019

The enchanting Little Miss Series

This interesting series can be your child’s favourite bedtime story

The enchanting Little Miss Series

My now 4 year old daughter is a voracious reader! Yes she is although she is on the threshold of starting to read but she has a book in her tiny hands almost 2 hours of her circadian rhythm listening to Mumma reading to her and then emulating that reading!

Once while browsing for an appropriate next ‘read’, I stumbled upon a pocket size white cover book called Little Miss Giggles. The cute Little girl illustration was alluring enough to buy it instantly. My daughter saw it and lapped it up zealously.
We read it before her afternoon nap and there was an instantaneous calming effect, she was snoozing within minutes.

Little Miss Series has been an absolute favourite since then. Authored by Roger Hargreaves and published by Egmont, the first title Little Mr Tickle was published in 1971! And then it grew into its own tribe. This humungous series has probably the best collection of adjectives and verbs described what a child seeks to learn. You have Little Mr or Miss Bossy, Little Mr or Miss Fun, Little Miss or Mr Brainy and the list goes on.

There is a complete humourous tale built around the title which takes the child deep  into its world. Written in simple small sentences or even phrases, the title is bound to get entrenched in child’s learning curve. The story as well as sketchy illustrations strike a chord with the little ones. Everything about this series is just appropriate for kids whether its small but perfect size, character which the child identifies instantly, narrative which is simple but laced with introductory words to enrich the vocabulary and soothing illustrations to complement the brilliance of this series.

My daughter is extremely enchanted by her Little Miss Series and she likes to add a title to her splendid collection every fortnight. By the way, Little Miss Splendid is what she is yearning now!

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