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June 26, 2021
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Opinionsandyou in conversation with Yoga Acharya Ms Harsha Banthia who enlightens us with many highlights of this ancient Indian technique and it’s profound benefits

Probability is just too high that you are doing yoga now even if you have not done it before. When the focus on wellness and health is at an all time high, many have turned to this ancient Indian technique which is now being practiced with much dedication in urban Indian homes. Celebrities are doing it and we are also embracing it like never before..

Here, opinionsandyou is in conversation with Ms Harsha Banthia. Harsha is an internationally certified Yoga Acharya and Msc. in Yoga. She is also a sound healer and a functional trainer. Due to her interest in sport and fitness she co-founded Samartha- A Better You (Yoga and wellness initiative). As simple and easy it may look, Yoga is a discipline which is difficult to attain and sustain. It requires dedication and a right approach. But the results are profound which can work wonders for our entire physical and mental well being.

Why all of a sudden this fascination towards Yoga?

First and foremost, because there is no gym or outdoor exercise owing to the lockdown, it is critical to find something that keeps you fit.
There was yoga and body weight training. However, we also noticed a need for mental, emotional, and immune support, which can only be met through Yoga. Yoga comes to your rescue to keep you physically fit and emotionally calm.

Inspite of being an ancient Indian technique why we are now kind of borrowing it from the best?

Yoga was significant in ancient India, which is why the world looks to India to learn about it in its purest form. However, there was a period of invasion, instability, and poverty during which the majority of the population was striving to make ends meet and survive, which came before anything else. That has been conquered by the country. The standard of living has improved, as has public knowledge of health issues.
While all this happened the west made it a lot of commercial with strong marketing backed by research.

Most of the people are doing yoga at home. Could there be any harm if not done under proper guidance?

Yoga has a profound influence not only on the muscles and skeleton, but also on the organs and hormones. As a result, it is critical to understand one’s health status and the yogic activities that are recommended.
For example, someone with high blood pressure or back problems should avoid doing Kapalbhati. Alternatively, a woman suffering from hypothyroidism should perform Sarvangasana.

How yoga helps in emotional well being?

We all know that stress only comes when we are living in the past or the future. Yoga activities such as asana, pranayama, mudras, and kriyas bring us into the present now. As previously said, yoga aids in the release of happy hormones such as endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Yoga offers balance and stability to one’s life in today’s fast-paced world.

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