Could it be Less Lonely at the Top?

Ruskin Bond – More Indian than Anyone of Us
August 10, 2019
“Everyone is living a Myth”
September 19, 2019

Chasing success and achievements is what all of us aspire. Ironically, education framework also instills in us one fundamental instinct, beating others to succeed. Survival of the fittest may be true to an extent but surviving to fit in may be a futuristic theory. Chasing success or money or fame becomes the lifetime goal for most of us. Certainly, when we are there its a matter of infinite happiness but happiness always need to be shared. That is one basic human instinct. In the run chase to the top, if you have lost friends, co-workers or acquaintances who are you going to share your happiness with?

aHappiness cannot be a destination, its a rather a journey. This cliche statement actually has deep meaning. Most of us set out with an aim and slog ourselves to attain it sacrificing many relationships, many moments that could have yielded unmatched cheer. It’s important to set your eyes on a dream, a goal but each moment is to be relished and those who have stood with you, to be cherished forever. If the only goal in life is attaining success, it may be a very narrow minded vision. True success definitely comes to those who put in 100% dedication and effort but without beating others.

‘When you have people around and human relationships are based on give and take, a broad minded vision to accommodate the other person may go a long way in not only giving you satisfaction but a lifetime foundation of a fulfilling relationship. After all, we don’t live to enjoy the success in solitude. Work hard towards your goal but don’t immerse yourself so much that you forget leaving a smile to anyone who is part of this journey. When you reach there where you want, all these smiles will accumulate to give you a great return!

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