All the More Crucial Time to be Fit!

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October 28, 2020
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November 20, 2020

There is nothing like an outdoor workout be a run, jog or an open air workout. I accept that my activity levels took a plunge once hit by the Pandemic. If you have been a fitness freak, this has not been the most conducive period. However, fitness is a committed and sustained effort. It’s not an option anymore. The kind of lifestyle we live now requires a dedicated approach to fitness at all times and all ages. Being fit is one of the pre-requisites of a holistic living.

We are into an exceptional period where fitness has become all the more important. Keeping oneself active and energetic is of prime importance now. To survive this tough period, being fit can be get one an edge. A complete synchronization of mind, body and nutrition can be broadly categorized as Fitness. In this period of uncertainty and precaution, can fitness schedules be compromised?

Mehak Kapoor, Fitness Coach at Ctrl+Alt+Fit, Running Coach and founder of Gurgaon Runners Group (GRG) and We Amritsar Runners (WAR), says, “ It is very important to stay positive and constructive during Pandemic and fitness is the most important part of a healthy living. I and my mentees at Ctrl+Alt+Fit shifted to home workouts connecting with each other on zoom. We all started Intermittent Fasting lifestyle, ancient way of eating at fixed hours to lose Fat, stay fit and boost our immunity. Intermittent Fasting helped a lot in giving me mental strength to overcome the stress of pandemic. Many of my mentees lost 5-10 kgs during the lockdown period owing to home workouts and eating healthy.”

Mehak has motivated hundreds of people towards running. An ultra endurance athlete, having achieved Ironman 70.3 (1.9km swimming in sea+ 90km cycling +21km run), 132 kms of ultra running at The Great Run of Punjab and many long cycling rides 300km/200km, has now transitioned to solo runs during this period. She further adds, “Group positivity and good diet helped stay motivated in Pandemic. One should have a short term goal like walking a given number of steps or pulling off 50 burpees in one go and work towards achieving it. My community of fitness enthusiasts at Ctrl+Alt+Fit, GRG and WAR keep one another motivated by sharing workouts, progress and encouraging one another. Staying connected and encouraging each other goes a long way in staying fit and healthy.”

Exercise helps keep our immune system strong, less susceptible to infections and their most severe consequences, and better able to recover from them. Indulging in a sports is one of the best ways to keep oneself fit and physically active. Whatever is your way, whether running, working out, you should be thoroughly enjoying your fitness schedule rather than being dragged into it. Indoors or outdoors, fitness schedules need not be compromised. After all, the results these bring are a matter of great joy!

How can you transition your fitness schedules

Fret not if you don’t have proper gym set-up at home,

• Climb stairs
• Keep taking regular breaks and doing simple exercises rather than continuously sitting in front of screen
• Choose your favorite physical activity be it dancing, playing or run
• Household chores – yes can be one of the most effective ways to attain fitness during these times.

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